Introducing “Rune Hunter’s Quest” PC game

I would like to introduce a new PC RPG game called “Rune Hunter’s Quest”. The game is about searching for lost runes in several locations to unlock travel or crafting possibilities for new weapons or artifacts. Currently, there are 5 locations available in the demo version, and I would like the players to participate in the development of the storyline.

The main storyline in the two primary locations: Tropical Island and Island, covers over 20 quests on each island and an additional 20 side quests, providing several hours of entertainment. There are plans to include at least 7 new locations or more if the game gains player interest.

At the moment, the character selection is limited to the warrior class, but I plan to add additional character classes, each with their own combat skills to choose from.

The character can engage in gathering herbs, minerals, cooking, and crafting beverages, weapons, and armor.

Hello everyone!

I have always wanted to create my own RPG game. I realize that this is a huge task for one person, but in the worst case scenario, I will finish this project with several locations that will enable the game to be played for at least several dozen hours. The individual locations that are almost ready are:

1. Tropical Island

Tropical Island

2. Cave

3. Dungeon


4. Island


5. Tower.